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Reactive Streams

  • The MongoDB Scala driver is built upon Reactive Streams
  • mongocamp wraps around the scala driver => Full support of Reactive Streams
  • For Blocking Results (implicit) conversion to Result Objects is provided
  • Conversion of Observable to Future is available


The MongoDB Scala Driver is an asynchronous and non blocking driver. Using the Observable model asynchronous events become simple, composable operations, freed from the complexity of nested callbacks.

Additional Info for Reactive Streams JVM

Additional Info for Mongo Scala Reactive Streams

Blocking Results

Conversion is provided in the DAO instances with four Helper function for Observable[C]:

Function NameFunction ResultSampleSample Result
resultListList[C]UserDAO.find("name", "User").resultList()List[User]
resultOptionOption[C]PersonDAO.find(Map("id" -> 42)).resultOption()Option[Person]

All functions have an optional maxWait parameter (Default maxWait = 10 seconds).

val listWithCustomMaxWait: List[Person] = PersonDAO.find().resultList(maxWait = 15)

Implicit Result Conversion (Blocking)

To use implicit result conversion, you have to import the mongocamp mongodb base package object.

import dev.mongocamp.driver.mongodb._

After that, implicit conversion and other useful implicits (e.g. Map -> Bson) are available.

val imagesCount: Long      = ImageFilesDAO.count()
val seq: Seq[Person]       = PersonDAO.find()
val list: List[Person]     = PersonDAO.find()
val option: Option[Person] = PersonDAO.find("id", 42)

Future Results

DAO Instances support (implicit) conversion to Future,

val future: Future[Seq[Person]] = PersonDAO.find().asFuture()
val mapped: Future[Seq[String]] = => =>

val duration           = Duration(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
val names: Seq[String] = Await.result(mapped, duration)

Released under the Apache License 2.0.